Urology Surgery Clinic  

We provide counselling and treatment by specialized doctors who are experts on urology and sexual problems on both men and women with accurate and timely analysis and treatment that minimizes pain.

Prostate diseases

Enlarged prostate, prostate inflammation, prostate cancer—these disorders are painful to the patients and can be dangerous to life. Urology center provides comprehensive treatment that covers all stages of diseases. Our specialized doctors in urology provide proper and most effective approaches of treatments from relief medication to surgery to the patients.


Urology center provides various options for gallstone treatments. At present, we can analyze and eliminate stones more easily. Choices of treatment include use of medication, use vibration waves to break up the stones, small surgical procedure using endoscope, and the use of syringes to penetrate the abdominal cavity. These methods are hardly painful to the patient.


Infection of the urethra or genitals can cause pain and side effects that are harmful to health.

Working Hours

Thursday 12.00 - 14.00 hrs.
Saturday 14.30 - 16.00 hrs.

The dates and times are subject to change as deemed appropriate. We reserve the rights to prior notice. For more information or an appointment in advanceTel. 0-2431-0054, 0-2117-4999 ext. 2140, 2158